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November 23rd, 2009 at 12:13 am

Naked mixed Asian girls, Justene Jaro

Justene Jaro

and (coming soon…)
Ethnicity: Filipina and Puerto Rican

Height: 5 ft. 5 in.

Weight: 120 lbs.

Stats: 36DD-25-36

The sweet curves of this beautiful woman are hard to resist and you can see the desire that burns brightly in her eyes. Justene Jaro may be an Asian model but she still desires the pleasure that only you can give her. The sweet curves of her body and the passion that so obviously burns within can be yours if only you accept the invitation that Justene Jaro is an exceptional hot Asian girl. It’s there in her smile and in the tilt of her head, it can be seen in her shyness and the way Justene Jaro looks to you for encouragement. Her piercing brown eyes feel like an arrow through the heart and her warm smile invites even the most timid males to saunter over to say hello. Her flowing brown hair accentuates her beauty even further and her great curves remind of a great scenic drive along the coast – who wouldn’t want to weave their way around this beauty? Jaro’s sweetness is belied by her stunning beauty and aggressive attitude. Justene has a great sense of humour and is always up for some fun and excitement. Just talking with this girl in a thong is enough to bring any man out of the dumps as her hyperactive style is contagious.

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Read more of Justene Jaro at her blog: i’m slightly bored out of my mind at this very moment. i know i’m not the busiest woman on the planet but i’m always up to something… so here i am, chillin in my bed in atlanta, trying to find out what to do… i been googling halloween costumes- not fun. responding to everyone’s twitter posts…trying to call everyone and their mama. asking dawn to just “TALK TO MEEEE”. find all my contacts (since tmobile wiped me clear of all my numbers). writing emotional letters to people in my life, knowing they’ll never read it… that amongst jamming out to old music i got in this computer. anyways, is this too provocative to wear to a halloween party?… (Read More!)

Read more of Justene Jaro at Playboy: SLUTTIEST ITEM OF CLOTHING I OWN: I have a glittery tight and short tubetop dress I probably would never wear unless I was gonna dress up as a hooker. FAVORITE SWIMSUIT: Brazilian-cut bikini, of course EVER BEEN TO A NUDE OR TOPLESS BEACH?: Yes, but only topless. DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH PORN?: It’s okay. FAVORITE PORN STAR: I respect Jenna Jameson — she’s a hustler. GROOMING DOWN THERE: Shave PLACE I LIKE TO BE TOUCHED: My back — mmmm — massage. MOST ORGASMS IN ONE NIGHT:… (Read More!)

Read more of Justene Jaro at IGN: IGN Babes: What’s this thing I hear about you being a feminist?! True? Personally some feminist women scare me! Justene: Yeah, I am! I was raised that way. I was always taught that women should be feminine, beautiful, graceful, and all that jazz but yet be able to whoop some ass and take over businesses. Just to be a snake in the grass – you could say. YES, it is scary but that’s the point. I’d say men don’t have the advantages women do and so since we do we have to utilize every aspect of the game. P-U-S-S-Y is power. [laughs] … (Read More!)

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