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April 20th, 2010 at 9:48 pm

Sexy Asian girl, Cristal Vang

in: Hmong

Cristal Vang

Website: and

Ethnicity: Hmong

Height: 5 ft. 3 in.

Weight: 100 lbs.
Stats: 32D-22-28

Hot Asian girl Cristal Vang is from Merced, California, and is one of the hottest Asian models on the scene today. This girl in a thong is one hundred percent Hmong. If you don’t know what that is, look it up…we had to! This naked Asian girl has only been modeling for a short while, but is already making an impact. She has the face of an angel and the kind of body that simply demands worship. Cristal is full of jokes and has an adorable, yet hostile, sense of sarcasm that needs to be experienced to truly be appreciated. This glamour model has an intense sexuality in her eyes and the kind of perfectly curvaceous body to match your most tainted of desires.

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Read more of hot Asian girl Cristal Vang at Pure Hot Models: Describe yourself in one sentence? I work hard at everything that i do! How did you get started in modelling? I started doing small carshows and ended up where i am today. Did you always want to be a model? Yes! Any special talents?… (Read More!)

Read more of Cristal Vang at Nutek Speed: If you could describe your ideal date, how would it be? My ideal date in a nut shell would be: going out and doing some sports activity (bowling, gotta love it) then a nice romantic dinner involved with a great conversation, then ending it with a comedy movie watching it at his pad of course! and everyone knows what happens after that… (Read More!)

Read more of Cristal Vang at Modelgraphy: I’m no different from the girl next door or the homeless guy holding up a sign saying, “Why lie, I need a beer!” I view my peers with respect and… (Read More!)

Read more of Cristal Vang at Dfined: Dfined: Now for the fun! So what’s your most embarrassing moment? Cristal Vang: OMG! I was on the runway and feel on my ass because my heels were way too high. The most stupidest thing i did was run off the cat walk. I didn’t even finish the walk. I was so embrassed because everyone was laughing but HEY there has… (Read More!)

Read more of Cristal Vang at Tuner Playground: TP: What do you think is the sexiest part of a man’s body? We only ask because we want your fans to know what they should be focusing on at the gym. CV: ARMS!! I love the feeling of having big strong arms wrapped around… (Read More!)

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