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Princess Nila – “School Girl Dream”

Sexy zipset video of dark and tiny Filipina, Princess Nila. This was her first time ever shooting nude, and she did a super amazing job. Watch all the close-up kitty spreads of this tiny 4’9, 80 pound sweetheart. Princess Nila has the most petite, yummy booty for such a small frame. This video has it all. Super close-up juicy pink spreads and lengthy extra yummy booty spreads from this tiny young Filipina girl. Get up close and really intimate with this young amateur model first time ever naked and in an explicit zipset!


Annie Violet – “First Time”

This zipset video of Annie Violet is extra special. It was the first naughty video she had ever done, and little Annie was still a teenager. Watch as innocent Annie Violet does kitty and booty spreads for the first time on video. See her extra wet and gooey, moist kitty up close and personal. See full spreads until her ripe and yummy pink center is revealed. This mixed Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese tiny model is definitely a tasty treat!


Asia Perez – “School girl Spread”

Mixed Filipina and Mexican hottie Asia Perez does her rendition of the super naughty school girl, lollipop and all, in this extra yummy zipset video. This video has the all extra tasty, fully pink kitty spreads, and extra close up booty spreads, plus so much more! Watch as tanned import girl Asia Perez glides her wet and sticky lollipop all over her most flavorful moist spots. This exotic mixed Filipina knows how to get the blood flowing. This was the first zip set video Asia ever shot, so it’s extra special!


Lily Figuera – “Boots and Lace”

Extra naughty zip set video of top Asian model Lily Figuera showing off her amazingly tight and tiny body in knee high black boots and tiny laced g string lingerie. See Lily as she shows us her slippery wet pink side and more!. This video has lots of close up booty spreads and super close up kitty spreads. There is nothing better than watching Lily’s tiny g string slide across her perfectly delicious butthole and tasty kitty. This video is extremely intimate and follows Lily all the way down as she rubs her little Filipina fingers all over her glistening wet body and warm pink insides.


Cindy Starfall – “Virtual Girl POV”

This is Nitin Productions first super explicit video. This video has the very sexy Asian model Cindy Starfall doing her very wet and naughty POV show! See Cindy in super close up spreads. Watch her pretend to perform a super private one-on-one type “doggy style” show, plus see super close up spreads of her amazingly tiny and plump Asian booty. Is it possible to even do a virtual blow job? LOL! Cindy does her best rendition of a super slippery, wet virtual blow job, and the sounds that come out of her mouth are amazing! Cindy Starfall is extra naughty in this limited edition super zipset video. It’s a little more explicit than you might think, so get it now before it’s too late!


Lily Figuera – “Virtual Girl”

Now it’s time for a little virtual action. I talk a lot in this video. It’s like I’m talking just to you. And don’t worry, I talk extra naughty, even a little bit dirty in this video zipset. Watch as I spread open all of my wet, tasty, pleasure spots while I talk to you. Extreme POV action, just like everyone likes. See my moist pink insides up close and fully spread, and enjoy while I glisten up my firm tasty breasts and tiny tight, yummy butthole with slippery oil. I rub my little Filipina fingers all over my glistening wet body and warm pink insides. And if you like super close-up booty spreads and kitty spreads, you will love this video. And yes, I talk extra seductive and naughty throughout the entire video, one-on-one with just you!


CJ Miles -“Booty Vision”

This started out as just another regular video shoot, but after we got started, I realized there was just too much naughtiness going on to be just a normal video and photoshoot. There is a lot of mouthwatering booty bouncing, moist full leg spreads, and plenty of super close-up, yummy shots of all my most pleasurable spots. I did notice there were a lot of close-ups of my tiny butthole. LOL! I guess the video guy had a thing for that. I guess a lot of people do. LOL! I hope you enjoy exploring all of me, your “Baby Girl” CJ Miles, fully uncut, intimate, and ready to please in this explicit zipset!


Lily Figuera -“Make Up Sex”

Yes, its finally here. I know everybody likes girl on girl action. My last video I did a little heavy kissing, but this one is even better. Watch my sexy Asian girlfriend get extra wet and wild on all my moist tendor spots. A lot of rapid moist kitty licking is always a good thing. I know everyone loves that! And of course, a lot of slippery finger action. This is a super once in life time zipset video. I have never done this before on a video! Watch as I spread open my tight little kitty and butthole up close and personal on cam, and then watch as my sexy big breasted girlfriend does the same to me! So much pink kitty and wet tongue…OMG! This video is super naughty and a little bit extreme for me. So, get it while it lasts!


Honey Jo -“Virtual Girl”

It’s another virtual girl zipset video! I talk really dirty in this one…maybe a little too dirty…lol. If you love naughty POV camera angles and super close ups of my little wet pink Cambodian kitty and tiny tasty butthole, then this video is for you. I tell you how I like it in this virtual video really intimate and explicitly, and I try my best to make sure you can see deep inside all of my pleasure holes. This video has lots of close up booty and kitty spreads like I know everyone likes, plus you get to hear me talk to you a little dirtier than I normally do, so shhhh, keep it a secret.


Lily Figuera -“Virtual Girl 2”

Yes, this is part two to my sexy “Virtual Girl” explicit video zipset. I get extra naughty in this one. I get so excited sometimes I squirt! And yes, I do that in this video. Hehe. This video has everything from getting to watch me thrust back and forth doggy style with extra wide booty spreads, and enjoy it while I talk extra dirty to you the entire time. See my moist pink insides up close and fully spread, and of course, my tiny tight, little butthole too. There are super close ups in this one. Listen as I tell you how I like it while a bounce my booty, fully spread, back and forth. This is one of my hottest videos yet!


Lily Figuera and Honey Jo -“Digital Girls”

Ya, we did it! Me and my girl Lily Figuera get down and dirty in our first explicit zipset together. This video is amazing! Super close up booty spreads and yummy moist little kitty spreads. It’s like a wet, tasty Asian “Pink” buffet of endless delight. Get your lotion ready! LOL. And if you like Asian booty, you will love this video. Watch as our tiny little buttholes pulsate from the warmness and closeness of each other sensual breath beating down against all of our tender pleasure spots. Oh ya, and there’s even some wet intimate, heated, kissing. I know everyone has to like that!


CJ Miles – “Blow Pop”

It’s time for me to get real naughty with my favorite candy, the Blow Pop. Once I start sucking on the blowpop, I just can’t control myself. It reminds me of my other favorite hard and tasty thing. LOL! This zipset is extra special. Watch as I suck and rub the sticky blowpop all over my body. I start with my lips and get it real nice and wet. Then I take the blowpop to places it has never been before, rubbing on all my naughty spots, including my cute little butthole! There are plenty of close-up spreads of all my flavorful pleasure spots, lots of tasty wetness, mosty from me, and even some extra, slow booty bouncing with my blowpop all sticky and wet between my legs. Enjoy!